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Wireless Expander Module




The TW-ME-01 Taurus Expander Module is compatible with all Taurus Wireless intelligent translators and the conventional expander. The unit provides a convenient method to increase radio communication range beyond that possible from a single translator by relaying the radio communication to further expanders or directly to the wireless field devices, allowing to build large fully wireless systems or add wireless devices into areas where cabling for translators is difficult or impossible.

The expanders are programmable for redundant path to the translator, so that if any expander in the chain fails, the transmission path can find an alternate route. The redundant paths are identified and tested during system commissioning for maximum reliability. All the wireless communication relies on a channel pair for spurious RF noise rejections and maximum link reliability. All expanders are fully monitored ensuring that the highest levels of life safety are maintained.

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequency range 868 – 870 MHz
  • Power supply range 9Vdc – 30Vdc
  • Typical current consumption 24mA (@12Vdc)
  • Max radiated power 14dBm (25mW)
  • IP rating 65
  • Operating Temperature -10°C to +55°C
  • Max humidity (non condensing) 90% RH
  • Weight 700 g
  • Dimensions 235 mm x 160 mm x 70 mm