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Wireless Expander Module

Certificate Datasheet



The wireless expander allows to increments the diameter of the protected area. A powerful micro-cell structure to be created with up to 7 expanders in one cell providing a total distance of up to 6000M. Frequency hopping algorithm High noise immunity Capability to build a full addressable fire alarm wireless system.

Up to 32 devices can be used with each expander. The expander can be programmed through a PC.

Technical specifications

  • Communication range with the Sagittarius devices (Open space): 600m
  • Communication range with VW2W100 translator: 1000m
  • Operating frequency: 868-870 MHz
  • Modulation type: FSK
  • Operating frequency channel: 7
  • Power Supply: 24Vdc
  • Current: Imax=25 mA
  • Operating temperature: -30°C – +55°C