Centraux de commande désenfumage

RZN 43xx-E

Smoke Vent Control Panel

Certificate Datasheet



The RZN 4300-E electric control system is specially designed for the use in complex buildings such as airports or shopping centers. The modular system design facilitates numerous combinations of smoke and heat vent and ventilation according to the type and size of an object.

  • For use in complex construction objects with various requirements
  • Up to 8 A total drive current
  • Installation plate with motherboard, module slots, 2 slots for additional modules, supply slot and rectifier card
  • Optional connection to visual and acoustic alarm devices
  • Connection of up to 8 SHEV buttons and 14 fire detectors per line (Only detectors permitted by D+H may be used)
  • In lockable surface-mounted sheet steel housing
  • Min. 72 hr battery backup supply

Available versions:

  • RZN4308-E6: Panel 8A width 6 free slots
  • RZN4308-E9: Panel 8A width 9 free slots
  • RZN4316-E6: Panel 16A width 6 free slots
  • RZN4316-E9: Panel 16A width 9 free slots
  • RZN4316-E14: Panel 16A width 14 free slots
  • RZN4332-E6: Panel 32A width 6 free slots
  • RZN4332-E9: Panel 32A width 9 free slots
  • RZN4332-E14: Panel 32A width 14 free slots
  • RZN4364-E12: Panel 64A width 12 free slots


Technical specifications

  • Supply: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
  • Output: 24 V DC / (21.6… 30V)
  • Mode of operation monitoring: Continuous duty
  • Mode of operation Alarm / Ventilation: Short-time duty 20 % duty cycle
  • Type of protection: IP 54
  • Temperature range: -5 °C … +40 °C
  • Housing: Steel sheet
  • Colour: Light grey (~ RAL 7035)


  • VE 530
    Supply Plug-in Card For Rzn43xx-e32a
  • VE 520
    Supply Plug-in Card For Rzn43xx-e16a