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Gas Detection System For Car Parks




The gas detection system for car parks SPS consists of MULTISCAM++Park control panels and SMART-P gas detectors, purposely designed to satisfy the European norm EM50545-1.

The MULTISCAM++Park control panels can manage and monitor up to 256 gas detectors. Three different versions are available:
MULTISCAM++PK-256 to monitor up to 256 detectors MULTISCAM++PK-128 up to 128 detectors MULTISCAM++PK-32 up to 32 detectors.

These can either be addressable detectors, daisy chained on the available loops, or analog type with 4-20mA transmission, connected via remote 8 input cards
Three alarm thresholds can be set for each gas detector being connected and the panels allow alarms to be time averaged in a period adjustable from 5 to 60 minutes for thresholds 1 and 2; for the third threshold, alarm is to be triggered when the concentration is exceeded for a time longer than1 minute (adjustable up to >5 minutes). The panels come complete with 8 preset relays onboard the units. The system architecture also allows having
outputs extended up to 256 via remote 16 output cards STG/OUT16-S and 8-relays boards.The panels are available in 19” 3U rack (24Vdc power supply) or in a metal box complete with power supply.


Technical specifications

  • If monifors up fo 256 inpufs and 256 oufpuf
  • Time weighfed alarm fhresholds (TWA)
  • High brighfness LCD Display
  • Real fime reading