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Wireless Sounder Red Color With Slow Whoop

Certificate Datasheet



The SGRS100-H wireless 4 tone wall mounted sounder with slow whoop is designed to operate on the European approved 868MHz frequency. The sounder is supplied with primary and secondary batteries and is available in red colour.

The Dutch tone wireless wall sounder is an acoustic output device which is activated by a specific command sent from the control panel, through a translator module and other possibly present expander modules, in case of fire or emergency situations; this device provides a European tone set. The communication between the sounder and the translator / expander module(s) is wireless via the
Sagittarius bidirectional protocol.

This sounder allows the installer to choose among three different tones and to set the volume by directly and manually acting on the device.

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequency: 868.15 MHz – 869.85 MHz
  • Communication range with the translator or the expander: 200m (In open space)
  • Radiated power: 5 dBm (3mW)
  • Modulation type: FSK
  • Operating frequency channels: 7
  • Primary and secondary battery: Type CR123A (3 V & 1.2 Ah)
  • Approved battery voltage range: 2.75V – 3.20V
  • Alarm current: 70 mA
  • Operating temperature range: From -10°C to +55°C
  • Max tolerated humidity: 95% RH (No condensing)
  • Ingress protection rating: IP 21C
  • Sound output volume: between 76 dBa and 100 dBa at max volume depending upon angle and tone selection


  • CR123A
    3v Lithium Battery