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Wireless Sounder Base

Certificate Datasheet



The SGRBS100/L Wireless Sounder Base unit is an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective alternative to traditional wall mounted sounder units where visual impact is important.  Each unit has an integral moulded base for mounting an Argus wireless detector or a sounder cover if a detector is not required. The unit has as standard 32 recognised sounder tones and 2 levels of volume adjustment, all of which can be easily configured on site. Powered by standard lithium batteries and utilising well proven adaptive radio signal processing algorithms ensure the highest levels of life safety and reliability.

Technical specifications

  • 3rd party approval to EN54-25 and EN54-03
  • Bi-directional wireless communication
  • 5 year product warranty
  • Utilises dual low cost standard lithium batteries
  • Choice of 32 recognised tones
  • Compatible with all Argus translators and expanders
  • Integral detector base
  • Red and white cover options
  • 2 volume levels
  • 3 year expected battery life