Centraux de commande désenfumage

RZN 4402-K

Smoke Vent Control Panel

Certificate Datasheet



The VdS-approved RZN 4402-K (-KS) electric control system and the RZN 4404-K (-KS) smoke vent control panel are particularly designed for use in small building sections, e.g. staircases. The controllers offer a high equipment standard and operation comfort.

An integrated service timer for monitoring of the maintenance rate, numerous connectible functions for alarm and fault and adjustable functions like a time limit for ventilation and stroke-arresting device are as much part of the standard of this system as the internal fault and diagnostic indicators.

  • approval according to VdS 2581 / 2593 (RZN 4402-K/KS)
  • compact style, for 2 A or 4 A actuating current
  • stabilised output voltage
  • connection of max. 8 smoke vent buttons and 14 fire detectors
  • only D+H approved detectors permissible
  • switchable smoke vent safety functions: fault = alarm, smoke vent resetting and smoke detector remote reset
  • possibility of connecting rain detectors or wind/rain detectors without supplementary odule plastic housing, surf. type, with lockable steel sheet door (-K)
  • lockable steel sheet housing for surface mounting (-KS)
  • connection possibility for visual and acoustical alarm devices
  • 72 hours emergency supply in case of power failure, 2 x accumulators type 1 or 2 x of type 2 equired in conjunction with alarm devices
  • smoke vent and vent buttons, window drives, automatic fire detectors including wind, rain and oom temperature controls available as accessories in D+H-program
  • TÜV Product Service certificate number: B001022802015


Technical specifications

  • Supply: 230 V AC / 50 Hz / 60 VA
  • Stand-by power: 5.6 W
  • Output: 24 V DC / 2 A
  • Mode of operation monitoring: Continuous duty
  • Mode of operation Alarm / Ventilation: Short-time duty 30 % duty cycle
  • Temperature range: -5 °C … +40 °C
  • Battery type: Type 1 (2x)


    Plastic Case
  • RB013AH
    Battery 12v 1.3ah

RZN 4402-K is 2A max version / RZN 4404-K is 4A max version