Centraux de commande désenfumage

RT 42-H

Smoke Vent Buttons




In case of fire the smoke vent buttons RT 43, RT 42 and RT 41 are used for the manual release of the system, in connection with D+H smoke vent systems of the type RZN. In addition the operation and alarm conditions are displayed (except RT42-F). The types RT43-H und RT43-N are approved by VdS as smoke vent control panels according to the guidelines no. 2592. Due to the large range of types, almost every structural requirement is fulfilled.

Technical specifications

  • smoke vent button-main control panel, 24V, surface type design
  • following DIN 14655
  • plastic housing lockable, colour grey (RAL 7035) with break-type glass and key
  • alarm display and pilot light
  • fault indicator
  • CLOSED-button concealed
  • possibility of smoke vent sign in national language
  • also available in red (RAL 3000), blue (RAL 5009) and yellow (RAL 1004)