The Address Module NG58-1 is an addressable electronic component, which allows to individually identify automatic fire detectors Series FC600, FC650, 100,  300 and ECO1000 as well as manual call points or contact detectors in conventional technology.

The address module is installed in the detector base and is preset with the detector address (within the num-ber range 0 – 63) by cutting wire jumpers. In case of alarm, the unique identification of the activated conven tional detector is achieved by transmitting the address to the fire detection control panel.

Apart from the detector address, a possibly paramete-rised element text – for example with the name of the room or floor – can also be displayed on compatible fire detection control panels.In addition to individual addressing, the address module can as well be used for addressing a group of several detectors. Thus, in case of alarm activation, the address module achieves a summary indication of this detector group.

Technical specifications

  • Current consumption at 24 V: 18mA (active)
  • Ambient temperature: -5°C to +50°C
  • Dimensions L × W × H: 32 × 19 × 5 (mm)
  • Weight: 10g