M500CHE Control Modules provide supervised monitoring of wiring to load devices that require an external power supply to operate, such as horns, strobes, bells etc. Upon code command from the panel, the M500CHE will disconnect the supervision and connect the external power supply in the proper polarity across the load device. The disconnection of the supervision provides a positive indication to the panel that the control relay actually switched on. The external power supply is always relay isolated from the communciation loop so that a trouble condition on the external power supply will never interfere with the rest of the system. A break-off tab is provided to allow selection of a voltage free relay contact mode.

Technical specifications

  • Operating Voltage Range: 15 to 32VDC
  • Standby Current: 300mA (includes 100mA normal supervision current)
  • LED Current: 5mA current for visible LEDs latched on
  • Relay Contact Rating:
  • Resistive: 2A @ 30VDC
  • Inductive: 300mA @ 110VDC – 300mA @ 120VAC – 1A @ 30VDC
  • Operating Humidity Range: 10% to 93% Relative Humidity, non-condensing
  • Operating Temperature Range: –100C to + 600C
  • Height: 110mm
  • Width: 100mm
  • Diameter: 33mm
  • Weight: 150gm