The LED Display Field LAB48 serves for the indication of the events of detectors, detector zones, actuations, transmitting devices, or alarming devices on Fire Detection Control Panels Series BC216 or BC016 as well as the events of flooding zones or extinguishing systems on Extinguishing Control Panels Series LC216.

The LED display field is designed to be installed into Fire Detection Control Panels Series BC216 or into the LED Display Tableau LAT288:

  • The LAB48 can be mounted into a Fire Detection Control Panel Series BC216 with display and operating field, to which it is directly connected.
  • The LED Display Tableau LAT288 can accommodate up to 3 LED Display Fields LAB48 and the Remote Tableau Drive Unit PTU288-1. Due to the actuation via the INFO bus, the LED Display Tableau is a universal remote tableau for all Fire Detection Control Panels Series BC216 and BC016 as well as the Extinguishing Control Panel Series LC216.

48 LED pairs are arranged in two rows on the componentry. Each LED pair can be freely assigned to the individual events. The left LEDs are intended for displaying the alarm or the activation, or for displaying a system condition, respectively. The right LEDs indicate the disablement or the fault condition of the assigned system component.

The LED display field is available in multiple versions with different LED colors for varying applications. Each LED pair can be individually labeled by means of labeling strips which are inserted into the front foil of the case cover.

The componentry is shipped with the necessary accessory for trouble-free mounting on the case cover of the fire detection control panel or in the LED display tableau.

Technical specifications

  • Current consumption at 24V: typ. 2mA no active LED, +0.25mA per LED
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Dimensions L × W × H: 176 × 120 × 15 (mm)
  • Weight: 60g


  • 48 LEDs alarm/release/activation: red
  • 48 LEDs disablement/fault: yellow


  • 48 LEDs alarm/release/activation: yellow
  • 48 LEDs disablement/fault: yellow


  • 24 LEDs alarm/release/activation (left side): red
  • 24 LEDs alarm/release/activation (right side): yellow
  • 48 LEDs disablement/fault yellow


  • 24 LEDs alarm/release (left side): red
  • 24 LEDs activation (right side): green
  • 24 LEDs disablement/fault (left side): yellow
  • 24 LEDs disablement/fault (right side): yellow