Détection par aspiration


Stand-alone Aspirating Smoke Detector

Certificate Datasheet



The ICAM ILS by Xtralis is a stand-alone aspirating smoke detector supplied with Class A, B & C laser air sampling point-in-a- box smoke detection:

  1. Class A: maximum three holes
  2. Class B: maximum six holes
  3. Class C: maximum eighteen holes

It meets the unique needs of numerous applications including industrial spaces such as cell sites, small telecommunications and IT facilities, and underground stations.

Aspirating point detectors are highly effective where traditional smoke detection often fails. ICAM IAS systems are ideal for applications in harsh, dusty and inaccessible spaces, as well as those critical environments that do not warrant the expense of a larger aspirating system. They also have been applied as unique solutions in intrinsically safe environments.

Air is sampled from the protected area through one or two inlet pipes and then passed through an internal cartridge air filter to a single- or dual-channel controller. The sensors placed inside can be conventional or analogue smoke detectors, yours or ours (refer to the product guides for more information). Owners of exclusive residences highly value them for their discrete aesthetics and versatility.

Technical specifications

  • Single or dual channel smoke detection
  • Class A, B & C
  • Multiple detection strategies
  • 100 m (328 ft) per sampling pipe
  • Microprocessor controlled and programmed
  • Highest fan capacity in its class
  • Integral display and programmer
  • Field serviceable air filter
  • Adjustable aspirator speed with airflow monitoring
  • IP65 enclosure


  • 2100-0026
    Economy Pipe Cutter 0 – 42mm
  • 2100-0025
    Pipe Cutter 0 – 42mm
  • 2100-0021
    Abs Cement 250ml Tin
  • 2100-0020
    ¾” (27mm)/10mm Compression Adaptor
  • 2100-0033
    Air Sampling Labels 23mm /4mm Hole
  • 2100-0017
    Red 10mm Capillary Pipe 100 Metre
  • 2100-0010
    Red 25mm X 3/4" Pipe Clip
  • 2100-0008
    Plain Red Abs 25mm Cap
  • 2100-0007
    Plain Red Abs 25mm Socket
  • 2100-0006
    Plain Red Abs 25mm 90° Tee
  • 2100-0004
    Plain Red Abs 25mm 90° Elbow
  • 2100-0003
    Plain Red Abs 25mm 90° Bend
  • 2100-0001
    Red 25mm Abs Pipe 3 Metre Lengths

Also exist in ILS-2 version with 2 laser detectors