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Fixed Temperature Thermal Detector

Certificate Datasheet



The ECO1005T A thermal detector belongs to System Sensor’s ECO1000 range of detectors. ECO1000 is a range of conventional detectors, which have been produced using the latest in manufacturing technology and supplied with an array of advanced features, making them ‘better by design’.

The ECO1005T A thermal detector uses a state of the art thermal element combined with an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to provide quick and accurate detection of fires. The detector incorporates a static element and is suitable where ambient conditions normally exhibit rapid changes in temperature e.g.kitchens.

A laser-based hand held Remote Test Unit can be used in conjunction with the range of ECO1000 detectors for alarm test purposes. The unit transmits a coded message, preventing spurious alarms being generated by other laser-based devices. With a range of several metres, the hand held test unit provides an effortless way of remotely alarm testing the range of ECO1000 detectors and removes the need for any direct physical access to the detector by the user.

The ECO1005T A detector also has an integral LED, which illuminates to provide a local alarm signal. This latches on, and remains illuminated until the detector is reset by a momentary power interruption. An optional remote LED annunciator may be used to repeat any alarm signal. A variety of detector bases can be used with the ECO1005T A detector, providing application flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of Fire Alarm Control Panels.All bases are fitted with a shorting spring to permit circuit testing prior to fitting the detector and have a tamper resistant feature, which when activated prevents removal of the detector without the use of a tool.


Technical specifications

  • Operating Voltage Range 8 to 30VDC (Nominal 12/24VDC)
  • Maximum Standby Current @250C 70µA @ 24VDC
  • Maximum Permissible Alarm Current 80mA (current limited by control panel)
  • Height 40.5mm (plus 9.5mm for standard base, 21mm for deep base)
  • Diameter 102mm
  • Weight 70g (plus 45g for standard base)
  • Wire Gauge for Terminals 0.4mm2 to 2.0mm2
  • Colour Approximates to RAL9016
  • Material ABS