Power Supply Units



Type C power supplies provide local supply to 12 and 24V dc devices with housing to accommodate a back up battery of 12V 42Ah max (2 x 12V 18Ah for models of 27.6V dc). Features include tamper proof cover, mains presence indicator and output voltage indicator. Batteries are not supplied.
Power supply features:

  • Output Connecting wires with connector for batteries.
  • LED indicator : mains presence with open collector output (green).
  • LED indicator : correct output voltage (green).
  • LED indicator : low voltage open collector output (yellow).
  • LED indicator : high voltage with open collector output (red).

Technical specifications

  • Input voltage: 230Vac
  • Nominal Output voltage: 27,6 Vdc
  • Output current: 5,00 A
  • Suitable batteries: 2x12V 18Ah
  • Standard: CE
  • External dimensions: 450x260x200
  • Internal dimensions: 445x255x195
  • Weight: 11,7 kilos