Altair Programming Unit

Certificate Datasheet



ALPU100 is a hand held menu driven tool for Altair devices. The device is used for manual addressing of detectors, modules call points and sounders. The ALPU1000 also provides indication of device parameters including contamination level of the optical detector chamber, analogue values, production date and others.

The user interacts with the ALPU1000 device using a built-in keypad and display. This interface navigates through a menu based set of options and commands.

The programming device can:

  • Read and set analogue address of device
  • Select the specific type of thermal device
  • Read the firmware version and other device data
  • Program multi-module device
  • Program conventional zone module
  • Program tones of the 32 tone base sounder

Technical specifications

  • power supply battery: 6LR61 type – 9 volt
  • operating temperature range: -30°C to +70°C
  • maximum humidity: 95%
  • non condensing weight: 200 grams

Also exist for vega detector VPU1000